Tuesday, 11 June 2013

More Tajik suppers

Here are a few more photos of the suppers I bought myself while I was in Dushanbe.
Tuesday's supper:

 Here is USD 4.50 of supper. More Borjomi (you can buy it in Britain, but it's hellish expensive), some pistachio nuts, a very garlicky beetroot salad, bread. The bread was much cheaper than yesterday's (about half the price at a dollar thirty cents), but fresher and nicer with it. I still have some kuraga left over from yesterday, too.
I find it too hot here to want lunch; the management provide two 1.5 litre bottles of water which you can see in the background there and which I swill at leisure.

Wednesday's supper:

As well as the, by now, familiar Borjomi mineral water and round, flat bread, today we see red caviare in a jar (twist off top, no bottle opener required) sat atop the bread. The box rear left contains highest quality raisins (three times as expensive as 1st class raisins, I'll have you know), and the box in front ... well ...
I vaguely recognised one word on the box - Конопляная - and when I read on the end of the box that these seeds in no way contain any THC and so are not classified as a prohibited substances I knew that I just had to buy this. Hemp seed snacks (also contains walnuts, sunflower seeds, starch, salt, saffron), to go with beer! Didn't buy any beer (I'm quite enjoying not having booze for a while). The seedy snacks are a little dusty tasting, but OK.
This little lot set me back the princely sum of USD24. Most expensive item was the caviare at $13, then the raisins at $6.
I know, I know .... you want to know what such precious raisins look like!
Here they are, some of these babies are over an inch long!
And the seeds, well, they're seeds, stuck together, just about, in squares (with the starch (presumably).).

  The only thing that was different on Thursday's supper menu (Borjomi, Olivier salad, raisins and black bread) was a fabulous crusty black bread roll. The texture was wonderfully dense and chewy, almost treacly, and it was fragrant with caraway seeds. Wonderful! All gone!!

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